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If this joke or any of its other forms upsets you, you might not want to read further.


The Rabbi And The Flood

An orthodox rabbi is studying in his living room, when there is a knock on the door. When he opens the door, it is a policeman, who informs him that the rivers are rising, a flood is expected, and evacuation is recommended.
The rabbi explains, "I am a man of God. I am sure he will protect me from danger."
The policeman shrugs his shoulders and leaves.
As the rabbi is watching the rising water getting closer and closer to his house, there is a second knock, this time a State Trooper. The trooper says, "Rabbi, we are evacuating the area as the flood is getting serious and you are in jeopardy."
Again the rabbi explains, "I am a man of God. I am sure he will protect me from danger. I am staying."
Well, the water continues to rise, until the rabbi is forced to stay on the second floor. He hears some yelling and looks up to see two firemen in a rowboat right outside his second floor window.
"Rabbi!" one of the firemen calls, "Get in the boat, the rains are not letting up! It's getting serious."
"I am a man of God. He will protect me from danger. I'll stay."
The firemen, fearing for their own safety, row on.
As the flood rises, the rabbi is forced to climb out onto his roof, just as a helicopter is flying over. The helicopter drops a rope ladder and a voice calls down, "We're coming to get you, rabbi!"
"No, no.... God will protect me. You go on."
Well, needless to say, the water continues to rise and the rabbi drowns. When he gets to Heaven, he is really upset. "I must see God," says the rabbi. "Please take me to God."
He is granted an audience with God.
"Lord," says the rabbi, "after a lifetime of devotion to you, why would you forsake me in my moment of need?"
God says, "You schmuck, I sent two cops, a rowboat full of firemen, and a helicopter...."

Now that that test is done, on to the main event. (Song lyrics quoted below, of the song I intend to tear apart, among other things.)

Okay. First of all, I am not debating the idea of God. I am not debating whether he/she/it exists, or whether or not God created anything about our existence, including ourselves.

Secondly, I would appreciate constructive comments. I'm trying really hard to make concrete arguments here that are as untouched as possible by personal belief, and would like it if any input was of the same type. Although I don't see this being much of a problem, because if you're reading this because I tagged you, you're one of the people whose opinions I respect the most, even if I may not necessarily agree with all of them. (that doesn't mean I don't respect your opinions if I didn't tag you, it just means I hate tagging people)

And thirdly, I apologize in advance for any confusing grammar/formatting/paragraph structure. I tend to be absolutely horrible at language arts in general, it's something I need to work on.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my rant.


Misguided belief is something that seems to be one of the greatest shortcomings of our world. Aside from the obvious-fanatical terrorism, holy wars, religious killings and the like-it holds the potential to devastate individual life.

Most of the time, when people talk about faith, they talk about their beliefs about creation, existence, the afterlife, and how to live a good life. As I have always believed, as have most of the people I have ever had the honor of knowing, God may have created us and continues to watch over us, but he is not there to constantly hold our hand.

And yet so many people cripple their mental and spiritual growth by believing that everything they do should be done with the approval of God(something that I've heard is very difficult to confirm), and that any sort of mistake they may make, God will negate the consequences. I was raised in a community of loving, faithful people, and I am proud to say that many of my ideas about faith I got from them. But on the other hand, even some of them had their downsides. One of the parents in my homeschool group couldn't find her child one day, and she seemed fairly unconcerned. To her, it was 'in God's hands'. That was, and has remained one of the things that basically define misguided faith for me. She ended up finding the kid, but what if she hadn't? Would she blame that on God, or blame herself? To me, that kind of logic falls somewhere along the lines of crossing a highway without looking, and trusting God to keep you alive.

On the other hand, believers in some of the most widespread beliefs on Earth, including most of the people I was raised with, live to the best of their ability to 'the greater glory of God', (basic concept, different beliefs call it different things) meaning that while a person will live their life basically how they want to, they will make life choices that they feel benefit themselves, their communities, and God by extension. Most of these people also seem to believe that while their patron deity may somehow negate spiritual consequences for their actions with enough faith or penance of some sort, any consequences in their earthly life are entirely their own to deal with. This is something I fully respect.

Now, getting to the song below. So many people, including apparently the writers of this song, seem to believe that God is solely responsible for dealing with all of the greater evils of our planet- hunger, violence, disease, and misguided faith itself.

To me, this falls under the category of having free will. If we are free to make our own mistakes, as it more than appears we are, we are free to fix them, too-and deal with the consequences. People need to stop using God as a scapegoat to avoid taking matters into their own hands. We need to stop abusing our planet, and blaming God when we're hungry, sick, and miserable. And we damn well need to stop fighting in the name of God, and then blaming him for all the violence.


In future notes-Heaven, hell, paradise, reincarnation, and my thoughts on these and other afterlife concepts.

Dear God - XTC

Dear God, hope you got the letter, and...
I pray you can make it better down here.
I don't mean a big reduction in the price of beer
but all the people that you made in your image,
see them starving on their feet
'cause they don't get enough to eat from God,
I can't believe in you

Dear God, sorry to disturb you, but...
I feel that I should be heard loud and clear.
We all need a big reduction in amount of tears
and all the people that you made in your image,
see them fighting in the street
'cause they can't make opinions meet about God,
I can't believe in you

Did you make disease, and the diamond blue?
Did you make mankind after we made you? And the devil too!

Dear God, don't know if you noticed, but...
your name is on a lot of quotes in this book,
and us crazy humans wrote it, you should take a look,
and all the people that you made in your image
still believing that junk is true.
Well I know it ain't, and so do you, dear God,
I can't believe in
I don't believe in

I won't believe in heaven and hell.
No saints, no sinners, no devil as well.
No pearly gates, no thorny crown.
You're always letting us humans down.
The wars you bring, the babes you drown.
Those lost at sea and never found,
and it's the same the whole world 'round.
The hurt I see helps to compound
that Father, Son and Holy Ghost
is just somebody's unholy hoax,
and if you're up there you'd perceive
that my heart's here upon my sleeve.
If there's one thing I don't believe in

it's you...

Dear God.

Writer's Block: Last Meal
What do you want your last meal to be?
-marked for edit and complete later, this one will be fun

Day 5.
All failed, fuckmylife.

Alright, this is beginning to suck. As usual. Withdrawal is failure.

As usual.

So, I'm sitting in the Internet cafe, as usual, bitching about how monotonous my life is. As usual. God, I want pills.

As usual. But I won't. At least for now.

Love the library, hate the library.
Only someone as nerdy as I, can deal with the Queens Library. They open so late I end up waiting 20 minutes in the rain, the computers are shit, and they have bitchy employees.

but OHHHH, the books. Even though I have to get a new card every so often under a new name, cause I can never remember to take my books back for more than a couple months. =P

Writer's Block: Significant Change
Have you ever tried to change yourself for someone you were in a relationship with (or wanted to be in a relationship with)? Did it work?
Far too many times. I've lost count of the ways I've tried to change myself, from being more outgoing (most difficult), to less outgoing, to more nerdy, to more airheaded, to more confident, to more clingy, to more dominant, to more submissive. . .so many times, and for so many reasons. I've tried to change myself to keep someone, or to get someone-either as a relationship or as a friend. More superficially, I've tried to change my appearance to get a job, or to make a good impression on someone. 

It's behavior I've practiced as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of sucking up to a friend's mother when I was around 5. Incidentally, most parents (other than my own mother) have fairly good opinions of me, at least until they've known me long enough for my facade to slip. It's something I've done so naturally, and for so long-I'm not entirely sure I know who I really am. Gods only know, most of my friends(except the gypsy woman <333) aren't sure. It's funny this Writer's Block has to do with keeping a relationship- I lost a relationship once, because my boyfriend wasn't sure I was the same person he had originally started to like.

I need to stop trying to be a chameleon. Or rather, I need to try to stop being one.

two days, no fuckup.
Well, I had a fairly nice Memorial Day. Felt like a dork for the first few hours, but then went to Forest Hills with a few friends and had a really nice time. and wasn't fucked up. <333 to you guys.

(no subject)

<entry deleted due to failure>

Pills. Always, the pills. And I am tired of this. Tired of having the same reaction to the gypsy woman that I used to have for my parents, when something was up. Utter fear. She walked in while I was taking some out, and I had that clench in my chest that made me feel like woah.

I don't think she saw them.

But she sees them now. The effects of them are unmistakable.

I'm sitting here, backspacing and hesitating constantly as my brain struggles between the person and the chemicals. Person/nonperson? What the hell am I? Ridiculously high, for one. I think I'm coming down. And it's really annoying to have every word you look at repeated in your head as if by a chorus. Which is what I get, from the antihistamines I guess. Schizo-whatever, voices in my head. Every time I take these fucking pills. I need to stop.

Also because they're eating up way too much of my time.
My creative time.
my me time.

Lazy days.
Lounging in the chair in Joey's room, talking to my two best friends. Life is good. =]

Midsummer party!
June 20th, Central Park. Ohyeah. I feel like such a bloody hippie, fucksake.


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